November 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER Board Meeting Minutes.    11-8-17

  • Call to order.    7:03.    (Rebecca, David, Nancy, Shawn, Jared, Brenan)
  • Review minutes and approve
    1. Action items from the previous meeting should be listed here.   David talked to Adam and Joe Sauve regarding election committee.  Election committee is awaiting instructions see below.
  • Review agenda
  • 136 members (136 members last month)
  • Standing Committee Reports
    1. River Watch – Scott Kristiansen.   N/A
    2. Safety and Education – David Elliott   David will hand stuff off to Rebecca a 2018 safety class.    Discussed first aid classes in the past.  May set one up for 2018 pending time and interest.
    3. Communications – Shawn Cadigan: Nothing to report
    4. Membership – David Elliott:  Nothing to report
    5. Programs/Volunteers (Mail picker-upper / Restaurant-er) – Nancy Douty.   The Mail is picked up.  She will reserve the restaurants in Jan.
    6. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post:   T-Shirt salespeople travel more!
  • Events
    1. Gear Swap roundup (2017-10-14)
      1. Some gear was donated by club members!    Lots of gear traded and sold.
      2. Randy E and Mark B helped the club.  Mark bought Randy’s Kayak.  Proceeds of $100 to the club!  Thanks guys!!!
      3. Lots of boats fixed! and the Food was amazing!!!
    2. Sauktoberfest roundup (2017-10-21).   Went Great!!! 23 boats and tons of people.   After the river we BBQ and had a huge fire at Brenan’s house.   Tried to run the river Sunday but it spiked way high over 40k
    3. Misc River Ops
      1. WRRR (Rebecca) has aquired a BOAT to donate for prizes next year!
      2. Jared reports river ops is still on Vacation until 2018 🙂
  • Old Business
    1. Status of ballot:   Currently we are 2 people short for the ballot.
      1. Plan for election:   Enacting Marshall Law and discussing keeping the current board.   This will cause less problems then running 2 short and needing to address bylaws. Rebecca will draft a quick note addressing the membership requesting help.   If we can’t get extra help we will take a vote at the Jan general membership meeting.
      2. Plan for 2019 election:   Recruiting new members is going to have to be a big mission.   We have been working on it for a few years.    Most board members have no kids?   We need parents to step up 🙂
  • New Business
    1. Nominate audit committee:    Rebecca, Nancy, David are the Audit committee.   They are setting up a date to meet.   Dec 5th.  Brenan messaged Jason to see if he had any reimbursements.   He has some minor stuff he will get David before Dec 5th
    2. January board meeting restaurant reservation:   Renton Round Table  Jan 10th 6-9pm  Wed.   Nancy will reserve
    3. January meeting:   Jan 18th Thursday 6-9pm.   Big E’s Ale in Lynnwood
      1. Restaurant reservation:  Nancy will get
      2. Agenda:   Discuss board members for 2019, update membership on 2018 board, permit information (Rogue, ID, etc), Discuss contacting Forest service regarding Tieton, upcoming and new club trips, ?
      3. Food.   Club will provide appetizers.   Rest is on your own.
  • Waterlog articles needed by 12/20
    1. NOTE: Make sure Brian verifies receipt of articles
    2. VP River Ops – New Year’s Day Float full article.    Correct information is on the WRRR website and forum
    3. VP River Ops – Tilton Trek full article
  • Announcements and good of the order
    • Nancy talked to Erik Myren about Cispus trip.  He thought that there wouldn’t be much water.   Rebecca has talked to him about it too.   Trip may be replaced with the Toutle.    More research to do.   For now David will update calender to only say Toutle / TBD.   ARticle on hold until we know for sure where the trip will occur.
    • More articles coming from Rogue (B and Jim), Peru,
    • There is no December board meeting or Waterlog, no action until New Years float.
    • Camping at Hollenbeck needs to done Jan 2nd
    • Newhalem campground gets some extra spots on Feb 19th as soon as it is OK to reserve.
  • Adjourn 7:40 PM