April 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order @ 7:05
    1. Board Present – David, Rebecca, Jason, Brenan
    2. Directors – Nancy, Mary, Adam, Chris
    3. Members – Jimmy, Mark, Matt, Jay
  2. Review minutes and approve – done
  3. Review agenda – done
  4. Officer’s reports
    1. Chairperson/President – David Elliott
      1. Membership 135 (last month 139), pretty stable and average (between 110-150)
    2. VP River Ops – Brenan Filippini
      1. Need help, free beer. Every trip we need trip leaders
    3. VP Business – Jason Cohen
      1. Nothing
    4. VP Finance – Rebecca Post
      1. As of yesterday $6780.14 in the bank plus misc. deposits and some in PayPal.
  5. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Waterlog – Brian Vogt – not present
    2. River Watch – Chris Herman
      1. Middle middle is still closed, David ran it from A-frame down
      2. Supposed to be some new access at the Nooksack
      3. Updated Bachman put in, want to shoot video of us there
    3. Safety and Education – Rebecca Post – nothing (besides safety class)
    4. Communications – Adam Schierenbeck – just a few updates to the site
    5. Membership – Mary Koncikowski – she can move her arm
    6. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty – nothing
    7. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post
      1. Are we supposed to still call Hydro-Flask? Yes, we want to see if we can still get a deal, but not too much work.
      2. Still need waterproof stickers, have 3 large and 8 small. Looking for something smaller (Vista-print) for about a $1
  6. Old Business
    1. Flip practice status
      1. Good to go on the embankment till about 3:00
      2. Don’t need any more food than last year, just a box of burgers and sausage + buns and fixings. (Mary wants left overs for Green – like condiments and cheese and stuff that will keep)
    2. Safety class status
      1. We have 8 signed up. Cost is $150 (WRRR is covering the other $100)
      2. It will be on the Cedar, we can camp at Nancy.
    3. Green River Cleanup status
      1. Everything is dialed in. Trying to find out what domains need to be updated. Brian can do greenrivercleanup.org which has online registration
      2. Year 3 only had 6 partiscipants, not boats went down. 117 cfs is all that is needed to do head works in IK. Need at least 700-800 cfs to do the gorge in anything. From gorge down is fine at any level.
      3. BBQ is still going on the same way (maybe plan on less food)
      4. All the times are the same (registration at 9:00 both park and head works), lots of work for ground crews.
      5. Brenan bets a $1 that flow will be over 800.
    4. Wenatchee Rendezvous status
      1. Everything good (prizes) except for camping. Not sure why the campground is closed, looks fine.
        1. Plan A is do dispersed camping on Chumstick highway or across the street from Tumwater
          1. Do we want to do put luck at takeout? Logisticaly would be hard.
        2. Consider change of venue
      2. General membership meeting agenda
        1. No real pressing reason to get the bylaws updated
    5. Sauk Overnighter status
      1. May have to move downstream
    6. White Salmon status
      1. Worried about no water, encourage paddle boats and IKs over big oar boats.
  7. New Business
    1. Poker Run discussion
      1. Should be water
      2. Jason still in charge of cards, David can help print if necessary.
  8. Waterlog articles needed by 4/20
    1. Wenatchee Rendezvous full article
    2. Sauk Overnighter teaser
    3. White Salmon teaser
    4. Update on safety class – Rebecca
  9. Announcements and good of the order
    1. Raft games (2nd weekend in June)- will have booth there (Matt manning it) with some sort of games and signing for WRRR. Z-drag pull contest. Sell t-shirts. Have IKs setup for display. Need volunteer to write up an article about the games for the waterlog. Jay might be willing to write an article, Adam can also write up the facts if Matt can get him the details. Not a lot of events like this for inflatables.
    2. Green river cleanup is 30th annual – disappointing there won’t be water this year. Jay is backing down and we need a volunteer to continue relationship with Army Core. There is a conference call from January – May every other week at 1-2 in the afternoon on Tuesdays. There is one in a little less than 2 weeks. Brenan is in, but could use a few more people so we can keep it covered. Need to get Wayne Wagner demoted since he is the only one that every help us have flow on the weekends.
    3. Rowers progression is going really well.
  10. Adjourn @ 7:55