New Year’s Hangover Float @ Cedar River
Jan 1 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Start the New Year boating with WRRR!

We will meet at noon at Derik Sallee’s house (22035 Dorre Don Ct SE, Maple Valley – phone  509-460-0079). Note that this is a different place than we usually meet – it’s a little downstream from Randy and Nancy’s place. We put in at Landsburg. We usually have between 2 and 25 boaters, depending upon the flow (and maybe the weather, but it’s Washington, you know).

We will be celebrating WRRR members who have passed on. Please bring your happy thoughts of your fellow boaters and enjoy the trip!


Tilton Trek @ Ike Kinswa State Park
Feb 17 – Feb 19 all-day
Tilton Trek @ Ike Kinswa State Park | Silver Creek | Washington | United States

Brrrr! It’s cold and rainy and just right for a trip on the Tilton! The Tilton is a beautiful class III-IV canyon just west of Mt. Rainier. The first few miles are an easy warmup for the narrow and exciting gorge section. The rapids are challenging and fast – you have to stay on your toes on this run. There is a paddle out on the lake at the end, but it’s not too long and you’ll have plenty of time to talk about the awesome run you just had (and about whatever ridiculous thing happened to the club president this time…).

The group will camp at Ike Kinswa State Park, which is the takeout for the run. There are cabins you can reserve for the night if you’d rather not camp in the cold.

Meet at the takeout Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. or camp out Friday night. If flows are high, or if there are people who just want an easier float, the Upper Tilton is a class II+-III run.

NOTE: Flows are expected to be high and there are reports of wood in critical places. Please check in with the group before going to the put-in.

Rower/IK Progression Session 1
Mar 24 all-day

Location TBD

The WRRR Progression series is a group of river trips designed to help you learn skills. We start with easy runs and work our way up. The trips are open to rowers and IKers and anyone else who wants to join in. The trip leaders and helpers are all experienced boaters, and can help you with all kinds of skills. Get on it!

April Flip Practice @ Vasa Park
Apr 22 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
April Flip Practice @ Vasa Park | Bellevue | Washington | United States

WRRR will be holding the annual flip practice session at Vasa Park on Lake Sammamish in Bellevue. The fun starts at 11AM and goes to 4PM, and there will be a potluck BBQ – the club will provide burgers, dogs, and a grill, and you can bring some goodies to share. We can also go over other river safety topics, like Z-drags and throwbag use, for anyone who is new to this or just wants some practice.


33rd Annual Green River Cleanup @ Kanasket Palmer State Park
May 5 – May 6 all-day

Join WRRR at the 32nd Annual Green River Cleanup on May 5th. There will be lots to do for boaters and non boaters. River stretches from class 2-4. Hiking and ground crew sections from flat trail to adventurous river corridor cleaning.

Registration at the Headworks goes from 9:30AM-11AM. At Kanasket-Palmer State Park, you can register from 9AM-11:30AM. Help us clean up the Green River and keep it one of the most beautiful rivers you can raft. You can pre-register online at http://www.greenrivercleanup.org/register-for-the-clean-up/

WRRR members will enjoy free camping at the Kanasket-Palmer State Park group camp on the Green on Friday and Saturday nights. WRRR will also be hosting a BBQ at Kanasket Palmer State Park on Saturday afternoon for members (or a $5 donation for non-members).  (NOTE:  This has changed from years past)   WRRR will be providing Burgers, Brats, and main course foods.   We welcome you to bring side items potluck style!

There will be a DUTCH OVEN DESSERT COOKOFF, this year just like years past. IT will be held at 8:30pm at the Kanasket Palmer group camp. Show off your D.O. skills and impress your friends. Winner gets a prize which has been up to a $50 value in the past!!!

Make sure to check out The Waterlog or wrrr.org forum for complete details.

You can also find updated information through the Green River Cleanup Facebook group.

Bob Johnson Memorial Wenatchee Rendezvous @ Eagle Creek
May 31 – Jun 3 all-day

Bob Johnson was one of the founders of WRRR, and every June we get together at the Wenatchee River to celebrate WRRR and its founders. We have a potluck, prize raffle, and lots of fun!

We are currently trying to reserve the Tumwater group camp again. We will let people know when a final decision is made.

  • The main meet is at the campground at 9am,
  • Shuttle from East Leavenworth road at 10am. (From the Safeway in Leavenworth follow East Leavenworth road .7 miles up to the public access with a big parking area.
  • The main flotilla Saturday is launching from 11:00 am 11:30am.
  • Call any board member and we will relay the information to others and try to help you out. You may also coordinate with other boaters on the Yahoo Group and/or WRRR’s Facebook page.  The shuttle is a game of skill, so make sure you coordinate well and pay attention!
  • 7:00pm Potluck Dinner at the campground.
  • 7:15pm General membership meeting and prizes!

Boating: The main float is Saturday morning for some Summertime Class 3 fun!  Flows are back this year, so get ready to rumble!   Fun in the sun, big water and classic Wenatchee Rapids!   Be ready to shuttle at the East Leavenworth Put in at 9:52am.   The WRRR lead boat will launch at 10:45 am and the Sweep boat will launch at 11:30.   Win this game of skill by being on time!

THE RUN:  Join us for some classic class 3 bigwater boating.   Rapids such as Rock-N-Roll, Gorilla Falls, Drunkard’s Drop, Snowblind and Grannies are some of the notable ones.  The group eats lunch at lunch island or Rodeo Hole.   Sometimes Both!   Bring your throw ropes and cameras for lunchtime surf carnage at Rodeo Hole!!!

SAFETY:  Please follow the American Whitewater safety code.   PFD’s, Helmets, Wetsuit, Etc.   The weather should be great so pack some water and a lunch and enjoy the day.   Please pay attention to the boaters around you.   With the big flotilla fun also comes some danger in the form of you getting lost in the group.  Please make sure that 2-5 people are looking after you and you are looking after them.    Boating in many pods in the main group are our key to success.    There will be an official WRRR lead boat (11am launch) and WRRR Sweep boat  launch.

There will be Friday and Sunday trips also depending on interest. Check the Campground, trip leaders, or Yahoo/FB/Forum Groups for Friday trip planning. Sunday plans will be made in the campground Saturday night or Sunday morning.  In 2013, there was a trip at 7am, so you never know unless you create it!

Most folks run the Wenatchee but there are some other nice rivers nearby, like the Chiwawa, Entiat, Methow, Icicle Creek, and Peshastin Creek. Make plans on the Yahoo Group or in the campground.   If your schedule is tight, hit the Sky on your way home.   There’s plenty of runs on the “WET” side of Hwy 2.   River runs ranging from class 1-5 abound in the area, so there is always something for everybody.

Camping: Free camping will be available for club members. The Tumwater Campground Facility and dispersed camping in/near Tumwater Canyon is still closed for the 2017 season due to prior years fire danger. We will be camping in the same spot as last year. It’s dispersed camping and in a nice spot (Eagle Creek up Chumstick highway area). WRRR will provide toilets and firewood (or propane if there is a fire ban) Directions to the campground:
1. From US 2 (near Safeway) in Leavenworth go north on Chumstick hwy for just over 2.2 miles
2. Take a right on eagle creek road go for 5.5 miles to the end of pavement and go LEFT.
3. Continue on the gravel For 1.5 miles.
4. Take a right at FS road 7531 for 1 mile! You have arrived. We will have wrrr signs at all the turns starting at Eagle creek road. We request that you keep dogs on leash and police their do-do.

Saturday Night Potluck Dinner: We will be having a great meal, but we need your creative and wonderful campfire cooking skills.  You bring food and your own beverages. WRRR will bring paper plates, plastic utensils, cups and napkins.  Dinner is at 6:30 PM on Saturday to allow time for the raffle and general membership meeting

Anybody with a Dutch oven will be coveted this evening.  If you aren’t sure what to bring the following is a suggestion for the type of dish to make or bring.  If you have a specialty or preference please bring what you like. Last name begins with:

A-P   Main dish   P-R   Side dish or salad   S-Z   Dessert

Raffle: Following dinner on Saturday at the Tumwater group camp the club will raffle off some great river gear. You can buy your tickets at the campground before the raffle starts (or you can buy tickets from the newsletter editor after the raffle is over for half price!)

Trip Leaders: Brenan Filippini, WRRR board


Sauk Summer Overnighter
Jun 16 @ 11:00 am – Jun 17 @ 11:15 am

With summer in full swing, it’s time to take advantage of the long days and good flows for an overnight trip on the Sauk River! The Sauk is one of the few rivers in Washington that affords multi-day float opportunities.

In past years, we have run the Upper and Middle Sauk and the Lower Sauk, based on water levels. We will finalize plans as we get closer to the date, but the initial plan will be to put in at Bedal Campground on the NF Sauk early Saturday afternoon and take out at the Darrington mill bridge on Sunday afternoon.

Note that this is an overnight river trip, so you need to take your sleeping and eating gear on the boat. There’s no access to where we camp by car.

And just to find out who is paying attention, the theme for the evening is crazy shoes…

White Salmon Retreat @ White Salmon River
Jul 19 @ 12:00 pm – Jul 22 @ 5:00 pm

Every July, WRRR descends on the White Salmon River for a fun weekend of fast whitewater and sunshine! We meet at noon at the old Northwestern Lake takeout and then go up and launch from BZ Corner. We may have groups running the newly-opened section of the river where the lake used to be, but this will be subject to wood reports. Note that this new section contains a difficult class IV rapid.

Free camping for WRRR members in a beautiful setting. See the May Waterlog for details on camping.

Carey Berger Memorial Poker Run @ Goodell Campground
Aug 9 @ 2:00 pm – Aug 12 @ 12:00 pm

Join us for the annual Carey Berger Memorial Poker Run! Camping opens Thursday night, and some people will boat on Friday, but the real fun begins on Saturday morning – buy your poker hands for $5 each at the put-in, and build your prize-winning hands as you float the river with your friends. At the end of the day, we have a great potluck and give out the prizes.

This is always a great family event.   The camp will be busy, we ask that you help us accomodate all campers by sharing and not reserving camps.

There is free camping for WRRR members ($10 donation requested for non-members) Lower Goodell Creek group camp is just across the road from the put-in, and is separated into two parts. The lower loop is for the partiers, and the upper loop should be quieter.

NOTE: The map shows the put-in, not our group camps.

Tieton Rally @ Tieton River
Sep 15 – Sep 16 all-day

Camp with WRRR members, friends, and family on the sunny Tieton River! For the month of September, there are irrigation releases from Rimrock Lake, and boaters from all over flock to the Tieton to take advantage of it. Flows usually peak in the middle of the month, and we’ll be right there!

The Tieton is a Class 3+ run with continuous gradient, lots of rapids, few eddies, and a runnable dam. There will be trips leaving from the WRRR camping spot river right Friday through Sunday. For approximate launch times check the July Waterlog, WRRR Facebook page, or simply just show up!

Club members and friends camp for free on the Forest Service land in the same spot WRRR has been invading for years in the dustbowl. WRRR will provide clean, portable toilets, but there are no other amenities except what you bring (and some trees, rocks, river, etc.). Pack out what you bring and help WRRR and the other outfitters keep this area clean and open.

Note: The dustbowl area is not the “WRRR camp” – it is Forest Service land and anyone can camp there. Please don’t go in expecting that you have a special right to camp there. Also, for the past few years people have gotten noisier and the noise has gone until early Sunday morning, so if you like to sleep…

There will be a breakfast potluck on Sunday the 17th from 8:00-9:00 a.m. We will have the potluck by the group fire at the upper WRRR camp.

Keep in mind that some people may be cat people. 😉 So please keep dogs on a leash in the main camp area when unattended, and especially at dinner time.

And most importantly, be safe on the water! Know your skill level, bring proper gear, and be mindful of other boats on the water. The fast current of the Tieton and narrow banks will keep you on your toes from start to finish!