February 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

  • Call to order, phone meeting 2-13-18 7:01pm   Present:    Rebecca, Jared, David, Joe, Nancy, Steve, Brenan, Shawn
  • Review minutes and approve.   Jan minutes approved passes no objections
    1. Approve safety class for 2018.   See below
    2. Jan 28th General Membership status:   Forgot to ask!!!!!
    3. Newhalem camping for the skagit:  Brenan reserved $128 site # 125,126,127,128 for Friday and Saturday nights Skagit Poker run
    4. Articles:  Welcome message from Repo, complete.   Lyss interviews Paul and Mark by 4-20-18!
    5. Check with Mary on the CPR class.  Joe will take the ball and check with Mary.
    6. General discussion about the satellite phone class?   No new news.
  • Review agenda
  • 143 members (138 members last month)
  • Standing Committee Reports
    1. River Watch – Rebecca Post.   A Thursday kayaker (Greg)that Rebecca boats with has started the Nisqually River Cleanup.    April 21st.   An amazing coincidence that the Rower’s Progression is this day as well!         Other:   American Whitewater reached out to general membership to seek volunteers for localized help.   Some members signed up .   Rebecca doing Nisqually and Cispus.  Brenan working on Nooksack, Sky and Suiattle.   Several other members have joined up as well.
    2. Safety and Education – Rebecca Post:  Wet planet, Rebecca heard $225 and class is $275.   To cover the balance Club will pay total of $1,926.   Board will vote on this later down the road.   Some discussion of the specific training label, dates, 11 out of 12 possible people are currently signed up.    Date for safety May 12th/13th 2 day class.    This makes it a $150 subsidy vs $100.   See voting below.       Satellite class:   No new info.     First aid class:   No new info, Mary not present, Joe will check with Mary.   Steve has a contact for first aid as well and will check.   Guess is 10-15.    Time frame whenever it makes sense.   Brenan mentioned that if nothing this year it would be nice to get the future years setup for 10-20 people annually (or whatever makes sense for 1 instructor class size)
    3. Communications – David Elliott, sending out facebook info and updating website
    4. Membership – David Elliott, See membership tallies above, nothing new to report
    5. Mail pickup/Meeting reservations – Nancy Douty.   2 new memberships checked mail last week, no mail picked up this week.
    6. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post.   Nancy reports new Tshirts will be available at the Tilton.  Should Rebecca bring all the T-shirts?   She will bring to the Larkin Cabin for display
  • Events
    1. Tilton Trek status (2018-02-17)  Budget for firewood is $50.   Joe is the Firewood Czar this event, Sunday dates meet campground at 9:30 ready to roll!  Last car leaves camp 9:40.   Meet at Morton put in BEFORE 10:10am, launch around 10:30
    2. Flip Practice planning (2018-04-22)   Nancy reports that is usually Jim Johnson’s dept.   Budget is $200 for food and people.   Brenan and Joe tagteam Jim.  Jim will reserve this week.   Brenan and Joe will follow up and tap/hit him with firewood as needed.
    3. Green River Cleanup planning (2018-05-05)  Rebecca has found trash!   Nancy said there was lots of trash on the trails.   Brenan reports that Green Clean is on the way!   KP camp is reserved, picnic shelter 3 reserved, bbq is at KP park after the cleanup, New ranger is in charge of KP (Jeff) has been very helpful to the GRCU committee, and we will need volunteers.   Most board members will volunteer for registration, lead /sweep boat, etc.   Always nice to have help from general membership.
    4. Misc River Ops – No misc River ops.   Discussion of Toutle Trip, David will ask questions about the Toutle on facebook.   Excellent work River ops!!!
  • Old Business
    1. Status of safety class planning:   See below for voting
  • New Business
    1. Budget items to discuss:    (Current in bank account:   $6719.79 as of 2-13-18.   There is $2,100 liability at the end of February and membership money will be flowing in as events occur)
      1. 2017 item – Paid $143.91 for domain (wrrr.org) for 9 years
      2. Safety class subsidy:   (Room for 1 more person)
        1. Originally proposed 2017 (and paid) – $1284 (incl tax) for $100 per person subsidy
        2. New proposal – $1926 (incl tax but less the $1,284 already paid) for $150 per person subsidy vs $100 subsidy.   Motion passes
        3. Reason: Mistake in getting original quote – actual cost was $275 per person, reported as $225
      3. Local Index kayaker passes away on the NF Snoqualmie (Ernies Canyon).   Sad news some discussion about Rafting / Kayaking and legacy’s
      4. Prizes:
        1. Proposal – $2400 total, $1000 for Wenatchee, $1400 for Poker Run:  Brenan 2nd this motion, motion carries full support and passed
        2. Reason: We made a total of $2478 in 2017, $1700 was Poker Run.   David mentions splitting it up to prevent a spiral, all agree makes sense.
      5. Poker Run BBQ:
        1. Proposal – $150   Rebecca seconds motion, motion carries no discussion
        2. Reason: We have been doing this without a budget for a few years
      6. American Whitewater Membership:
        1. Proposal – $100   Steve asked what that covers, David mentions affiliate membership for WRRR.    Magazine / membership can be a raffle prize? Rebecca 2nd, motion passes unopposed
        2. Reason: Was $75, but it went up in 2018
      7. Tieton toilets:
        1. Proposal – $550 (was $500).   Some discussion, Joe asks if we should team up with Mike to eliminate the 14 day rule?   Brenan is ok going up against them forever!    Possiblity of using River Booty, but it would go through Blue Sky, Rebecca worries about the alteration of permits by others.   Motion Passes for budget.  Rebecca will follow up with the rangers early this year
        2. Reason: Price went up in 2017  ($535) for 5 toilets, but we get reimbursed from OWA and usually Dave.    Dumpsters we share with Mike no new budget
      8. Brenan and David discuss general account balances for new board members benefit.  We get prize money from wenatchee and skagit.   The prize income from previous year generally sets the budget for the current year with the addition of any donated items.   Membership carries the general income / expenses.  We usually have $4,000-7,000 in the bank depending on expenses.  Most expenses for 2018 are paid (camping)
      9. Military Parade at Flip Practice:   Motion does not carry, by a close margin, some discussion
        1. Proposal – $4,000,000
        2. Reason: Presidential decree
    2. Status for getting donations of prizes.    Brenan and Shawn are working on prizes this year.   Camstraps.com is one to contact, Brenan mentions we usually start after green river cleanup due to manpower so any help before then is appreciated.
  • Waterlog articles needed by 2/20
    1. NOTE: Make sure Brian verifies receipt of articles, understood
    2. VP River Ops – Green River Cleanup teaser, complete, Presidents article complete.  Lyss article voted due date push from 2/20/18 back to  4/20/18.   Motion passes!!!
  • Announcements and good of the order.  See everyone at the Tilton!!!!
  • Adjourn