Carey Berger Memorial Poker Run SKAGIT RIVER . 8-13-16

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Carey Berger Memorial Poker Run SKAGIT RIVER . 8-13-16

Postby PinkyF » Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:37 pm

Hi guys, here is the Poker run info: Hope you all can make it!

Carey Berger Memorial Poker Run SKAGIT RIVER . SATURDAY AUGUST 13th , 2016 (Camping Aug 11-13th)

A POKER GAME played with skill, you draw cards at river stations while you float the Skagit River at Newhalem-Marblemount*. Not to be missed, the WRRR Poker run is one of the club's most popular events. The Skagit River is one of the few rivers still running late in the summer, the run is rated easy class 2-3 at most levels. Other activities include camping and a potluck dinner in the North Cascades National Park. Bring the family. There are often boats with 3 and 4 generations of family in them! Contact any board member for more information or check out the WRRR forums (

TRIP LEADERS: Wrrr board or Brenan Filippini (

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!: Anyone interested in helping with this event by running a river station, prizes, shuttle, BBQ, Safety, etc please contact Brenan, we could use the help!!!

POKER RUN DETAILS: Poker Run registration is from 9:00 AM to 11:29 on Saturday at the boat launch in Goodell Creek Campground. The station dealers launch at 9am, don't launch before them or you will miss your next cards. Last boats launch BEFORE 11:29. A "sweep" boat will launch at 11:30 and card stations shut down after the sweep boat arrives at them. Don't get behind the sweep boat or you may lose out on cards and play with a short hand! Cost is $5 per poker hand, you may buy/play as many hands as you want until we run out of cards. To play this game of skill you get your first card at the put-in and your next 4 cards are drawn at river "dealers" that you must eddy out for. If you miss the station you have to play a card short. Boaters with class 2-3 ability should have no problem. Until supplies run out there will be a small BBQ at station #3. Come early or bring some food to throw on the grill.
We will compare poker hands after 7pm dinner at approx 7:30 PM at the group camp, you will want to be there when we start because top prizes go first to the highest hand present. Pick the cash prize or river gear then subsequent highest hands choose prizes. There is a prize for the lowest hand also. Prizes include but not limited to $100 cash, $250 safety clinic cash voucher, LAST edition WRRR hydroflasks, and some sweet sweet river / camping gear!!!! Bring your $5 bills!

CAMPING: Free camping for current WRRR members from Thursday noon to Sunday noon at the Lower and Upper Goodell Group Camp. We ask that you please accommodate everyone and share spots and parking as best we can. There is room to leave trailers down at the lower pit parking area. The upper loop is open and reserved for WRRR as well. This area is across the creek and the quiet area (NO noise here please after 10pm)
The Group camps are on the north side of Hwy 20 along the west side of Goodell Creek. To find the camp look for an unmarked dirt road under the power lines on the north side (left as you head east) of Hwy 20 just after you pass the main campground, about 1 mile west of Newhalem. The dirt road is just west of the bridge where the highway crosses Goodell Creek. Camping for non-members is $10. The park service states that WE MUST secure food/coolers inside vehicles / bear boxes when camp is unattended due to wild animals. All food must be stored in sealed containers until used, violators may be subject to a fine. For extra quiet and more privacy you can purchase a spot at the nice campgrounds on the other side of the Hwy 20 at Nehalem campground and at the put in Goodell creek campground.

FOOD: Potluck dinner on Saturday at the group camp at 7:00 PM. Bring your favorite side dish, main dish or dessert, and a beer for the Waterlog
editor. Dutch ovens, smokers and BBQ's will be coveted this evening! WRRR will provide plates, forks, etc. There will also be a small BBQ lunch on the river until food runs out at station #3. Come early or bring extra food for the grill.

NOISE: The upper upper group camp across the creek is the ultra silent quiet zone from 10pm-6am. The lower lower group camp around the fire pit is the noisy area. Please pick your camp appropriately.

DOGS: Dogs are required to be on leash at all times in the campground and national park. No exceptions!
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Re: Carey Berger Memorial Poker Run SKAGIT RIVER . 8-13-16

Postby PinkyF » Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:40 pm

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