Jan 1st 2017 - New Years Cedar river trip

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Jan 1st 2017 - New Years Cedar river trip

Postby PinkyF » Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:18 am


January 1st NEW YEAR’S HANGOVER FLOAT Cedar River Class 2+ JAN 1, 2017!!!

Join us for the 1st boating day of the 2016 year!!! The Cedar river is a Class 2 (at most flows) run. It’s a great spot to shakeout the cobwebs, make sure your gear is in good shape, try out new techniques / boats, and have fun with all of our wonderful boating buddies! Expert boaters can help pass along their stellar skills and demonstrate how to swim across the river just upstream of the put in bridge. This class 2+ rapid is an excellent training rapid where many swiftwater rescue courses are held. Bring your cameras and keep your eyes out for wildlife, too. Usually this run it suited to kayaks, however small rafts have been known to go down.

In traditional style, we will meet at Randy and Nancy’s House 12 NOON Jan 1st (The takeout) Please call Randy or Nancy for their address @ 206 669 1877.
We will consolidate boats/people and leave as many rigs at the takeout as possible. At the end of the run we will drive shuttle drivers up to their cars at the put in.

Here is info as posted by American Whitewater on the run: http://www.americanwhitewater.org/conte ... l/id/2078/ Wood hazards have been known to accumulate, so please keep an eye out for yourself and others. IT should be noted there are alternate takeouts, however the majority of the group will be taking out at Nancy and Randy’s House.

On cold days I recommend treating yourself to a hot thermos lunch, and make sure to bring your WRRR hydroflask full of hot cocoa. Please be sure to thank our gracious takeout hosts Randy and Nancy!!! Hope to see you there!

To practice good safety techniques, make sure at a minimum to follow these safety tips:
-Within the main flotilla find yourself 3-7 boatings buddies in your “POD”. Dutifully watch out for your POD partners. It is easy to get lost in a large flotilla.
-Watch out for the boat in front of you and also the boats behind you!
-If you can’t see the boat behind you eddy out! The boat in front of you will in turn eddy out when they can’t see you!! This will get the entire float stopped within a couple of minutes if everyone does their part.
-There will be a safety talk prior to the lead boat launching.
-Use proper boat spacing. All smaller craft should yield to larger rafts/cats . Usually kayaks will be in the front of the pack, with rafts in the middle and catboats in the back of the pack. I like to row and paddle 99% of the time using forward paddle strokes. Make sure the boaters in your “POD” have similar technique to you.
-Have a properly fitting PFD, Helmet, Whistle, ThrowRope and other emergency gear in good operating condition.
-If a rescue is to occur make sure to not be a victim yourself and keep yourself out of harms way and within your skillset.
-Determine and learn who has first aid kits, rescue gear and who is trained to use it. Strategically place these people in pods.
-IF you need assistance, have allergies or other special medical needs please let the trip leaders know.
-Size up your safety protocols here: http://www.americanwhitewater.org/conte ... fety:start?

We will hope to see you all there!!!!

Trip leaders WRRR Board
- Nancy Douty 425-413-0948 or 206 669 1877.
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