Wenatchee Rendevous June 3rd 2017

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Wenatchee Rendevous June 3rd 2017

Postby PinkyF » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:47 pm

THURSDAY to SUNDAY, June 1st to June 4th, 2017

Come join your fellow WRRR members for our annual Bob Johnson Memorial Wenatchee Rendezvous. Be a part of the greatest flotilla of inflatable boats on the Wenatchee followed by camping, raffle prizes, and a potluck dinner.

Don't Miss It!

Boating: The main float is Saturday morning for some Summertime Class 3 fun!

-The main meet is at the campground at 9am,
-Shuttle from East Leavenworth road at 10am. (From the Safeway in Leavenworth follow East Leavenworth road .7 miles up to the public access with a big parking area.
-The main flotilla Saturday is launching from 11:00 am 11:30am.
-Call any board member and we will relay the information to others and try to help you out. You may also coordinate with other boaters on the wrrr.org/forum and/or WRRR’s Facebook page. The shuttle is a game of skill, so make sure you coordinate well and pay attention!
-7:00pm Potluck Dinner at camp (Eagle Creek, same as the past 2 years)
-7:15pm General membership meeting and prizes!

THE RUN: Please remind your people of the dangers of the DRYDEN DAM! This is a drowning machine. The safest way to navigate is to portage on river right. There is a cart to assist that WRRR negotiated to have there a long time ago. There is an alternate way (experts only) to run left of the lowhead staying far away from the drowning machine. It is IMPERATIVE that you make sure your Pod understands what is going on. Please be careful not to lead other boating groups astray. Thankyou for your consideration to this matter. The Dryden dam can be easily scouted by heading north at the BIG Y Café and then heading right at the “fishing access” sign just before the bridge across Peshastin Creek. If this is your first time running the Wenatchee please contact a trip leader and they will be happy to assist you.

SAFETY: Please follow the American Whitewater safety code. PFD’s, Helmets, Wetsuit, Etc. The weather should be great so pack some water and a lunch and enjoy the day. Please pay attention to the boaters around you. With the big flotilla fun also comes some danger in the form of you getting lost in the group. Please make sure that 2-5 people are looking after you and you are looking after them. Boating in many pods in the main group are our key to success. There will be an official WRRR lead boat launcing at 11am.

There will be Friday and Sunday trips also depending on interest. Check the Campground, trip leaders, or FB/Forum Groups for Friday trip planning. Sunday plans will be made in the campground Saturday night or Sunday morning. In 2013, there was a trip at 7am, so you never know unless you create it!

Most folks run the Wenatchee but there are some other nice rivers nearby, like the Chiwawa, Entiat, Methow, Icicle Creek, and Peshastin Creek. If your schedule is tight, hit the Sky on your way home. There’s plenty of runs on the “WET” side of Hwy 2. River runs ranging from class 1-5 abound in the area, so there is always something for everybody.

Camping at Eagle Creek: The Tumwater Campground Facility and dispersed camping in/near Tumwater Canyon is still closed for the 2017 season due to prior years fire danger. We will be camping in the same spot as last year. It’s dispersed camping and in a nice spot (Eagle Creek up Chumstick highway area). WRRR will provide toilets and firewood (or propane if there is a fire ban) Directions to the campground:
1. From US 2 (near Safeway) in Leavenworth go north on Chumstick hwy for just over 2.2 miles
2. Take a right on eagle creek road go for 5.5 miles to the end of pavement and go LEFT.
3. Continue on the gravel For 1.5 miles.
4. Take a right at FS road 7531 for 1 mile! You have arrived. We will have wrrr signs at all the turns starting at Eagle creek road. We request that you keep dogs on leash and police their do-do. This camping is first come first serve. We ask that dogs be on leash or in a vehicle during the potluck/raffle. Please pickup after your pooch and respect other peoples areas. Keeping your dog on leash or in a fenced area guarantees that Pet doodoo is picked up and everybody has a great weekend. Please be courteous to our neighbors.

Saturday Night Potluck Dinner: We will be having a great meal, but we need your creative and wonderful campfire cooking skills. You bring food and your own beverages. WRRR will bring paper plates, plastic utensils, cups and napkins. Dinner is at 7:00 PM on Saturday to allow time for the raffle and general membership meeting

Anybody with a Dutch oven will be coveted this evening. If you aren’t sure what to bring the following is a suggestion for the type of dish to make or bring. If you have a specialty or preference please bring what you like. Last name begins with:

A-P Main dish P-R Side dish or salad S-Z Dessert

Raffle: Following dinner on Saturday at the Eagle Creek camp the club will raffle off some great river gear. You can buy your tickets at the campground before the raffle starts (or you can buy tickets from the newsletter editor after the raffle is over for half price!)

Trip Leaders: Rebecca Post, Brenan Filippini, WRRR board
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Re: Wenatchee Rendevous June 3rd 2017

Postby PinkyF » Mon May 29, 2017 3:42 pm

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