Tilton Feb 17/18th 2018 info and article!

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Tilton Feb 17/18th 2018 info and article!

Postby PinkyF » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:44 am

WRRR is pleased to announce the annual Tilton Trek for February 2018! The Trek will be President’s Day
Weekend February 17th and 18th. Stay tuned on WRRR’s Various info outlets for a possible Friday run. We expect to have river crafts running Fri, Sat and Sun. THere is a class 2 upper run for those that aren't ready for the canyon.

Located near SR-12 some 30 miles east of I-5, the Tilton is a class III-IV run suitable for all craft. It is less technical than the Green River Gorge, but it tends to be a little more pushy as it is more constrained in a tight bedrock channel. The run is 7 miles long and starts with a mellow class II warmup. When you reach the canyon, it’s game on!

The Tilton carves a deep canyon. over 5 miles long. Many rapids ranging from steep but short ledges to
complex boulder rapids fill the canyon. Bouncy wave trains are loads of fun. Waterfalls pour over moss covered walls. Surf abounds. There’s a great lunch beach. The best part of all is the take out: Washington
State Park’s Ike Kinswa park on Mayfield Lake. There are campsites and also 5 cabins available at Ike Kinswa
park and reservations can be made online. The cabins sleep 5 people each (1 dbl futon, and a bunk bed with
a dbl lower and single upper bunk), have parking for 2 vehicles, and have heat, power, lights, and an outside
picnic table and firepit. If available, they can be reserved online for around $60.

The Tilton is a rain fed run, so flows could be all over the place. It’s a great IK run down to as low as 500cfs.
Above 2000 or so, it gets a bit burly in IKs unless you are a big water IV fan. We’ll be a go in big boats at any
flow 4000 or less. An upper II-III run offers 8 miles of backup plan if flows get huge. The Tilton is run at high-
er flows, up to 8000, but can develop class V character. If the Tilton is not in, many good nearby runs exist, such
as the III+ Upper Cispus, the II Cowlitz, the III+ Toutle, and the III Kalama.

NEW THIS YEAR: There may or may not be a "Crock Pot Challenge". Stay tuned!

If you haven’t had a chance to run the Tilton, put this on your calendar! It’s among the most scenic and action packed runs in the state, full of great rapids, surf spots, and all set in one of the most under appreciated
canyons in Washington. If you like the Green, you’ll love the Tilton! I’ll plan to bring both my IK and my cat boat
and will lead the run in whatever craft makes most sense for the group. SYOTR!

Trip Leaders:

Brian Vogt / bvogt@wwik.org
2018 Tilton Trek
February 17th
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