2018 Rower's Progression!!!

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2018 Rower's Progression!!!

Postby PinkyF » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:43 pm

It's time to announce the 2018 Rower's Progression Dates and Schedule. Most of this is still tentative, but based on snow pack and weather patterns we have estimated this schedule should work out well. If you plan to attend some or all of the progressions please drop us a line here or brenan@plasteringplus.com. These progressions are informal and do not substitute swift-water training or guide training instruction. Most of these progressions or for folks new(er) to whitewater and looking to enter the private boating scene. Most of us do a lot of day trips and overnight trips. We will do work each event practicing throw bags, rigging, hauling, the art of shuttling and also basic rowing and paddling. Helmets, Life jackets, throw bags are required, drysuit highly recommended but a wetsuit can work. We need JEDI's and PUPILS!!! Please let us know if you are experienced and can help!

Feb 18th Rowers Progression on the upper Tilton Class 2. This is mainly a kayak run, but smaller rafts and cats are ok! WE have a club trip on the Saturday prior. Camping is at IKE Kwinswa State Park. The Tilton is near hwy 12 on the south end near Chehalis. If there is not much interest for new members we will likely run the class 4 canyon Sunday.

Mar 24th Rowers Progression. The Sauk River from Clear Creek to the Darrington Mill. This run is class 2+/3- but a very good training run. If you need an extra boat(s) you can borrow mine as I hope to move from boat to boat.

April 7th. Rowers Progression / IK TBD based on group

April 21st Nisqually class 3-. This is another great training run. The Nisqually River cleanup occurs this day so we will practice eddying out, strapping odd gear on rafts and stop on the fly practice. We hope to find camping nearby, stay tuned

April 21st?!? We usually run the wenatchee the day before flip practice. It may be appropriate for Rower's Progression based on flow. Let's see! We usually camp near the takeout or at a Club Members house in CleElum on the way to flip practice.
April 22nd flip practive vasa park. This is where we test our reflip abilities. For fun we will do team flipping on a raft where a few people stay in the raft air pocket while a team flips said raft back up!! It's a blast. BBQ provided by WRRR

May 5th. Green River cleanup (Class 4) for advanced year prior progressions. Camping at Kanasket Palmer
May 6th. Rowers Progression / IK Headworks Green River

June 16th and 17th. The Sauk Overnighter. This is a great trip for people new or looking to hone in their overnight skills. WE will have boats that can help haul gear and some very experienced people to offer pointers.

??!!?? Summer boating season where will you be?
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