June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order
    1. Board Present: David, Jason, Brenan
    2. Directors: Nancy
  2. Review minutes and approve
  3. Review agenda
  4. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Waterlog – Brian Vogt
    2. River Watch – Chris Herman
      1. May 18th did video interview at Bachman @ Sauk – asked what other improvements we want. Cleanup Suiattle put in, gate key for Bedhal at winter.
    3. Safety and Education – Rebecca Post
    4. Communications – Adam Schierenbeck
    5. Membership – Mary Koncikowski
      1. Currently have 139 members (last month 145)
    6. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty
      1. Start thinking about gear swap date and location
    7. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post
      1. Took pre orders for the hydro flask (don’t know how many yet) 12-24 for the club + pre orders.
      2. Rebecca won’t be at the Poker Run, check to see if she is going to White Salmon so Nancy can pick them up (or Brennan can grab them)
      3. Talking about setting up Zazzle so people can order directly through them with customizations. Just give them design and Pay Pal account.
  5. Old Business
    1. Safety class roundup
      1. Went really well, lots of new members and old members who don’t come out much. Did a lot in the river: foot entrapment, shallow water crossing, z drag with a boat.
    2. Wenatchee Rendezvous roundup
      1. 865 raffle sold + sustaining & benefactor
      2. Found a couple new campgrounds, worried about flash floods because of the fire damage, but not sure next year – Brenan can ask them about next year when he is there next weekend.
      3. Had only about 2/3s the normal people
    3. Sauk Overnighter status
      1. David sent spreadsheet, Brennan going to tweak it and post it this week.
      2. Suiattle to Sauk is plan A (lots of camping, good II plus run with a couple class III – put in a bit of a pain), Brennan to talk to outfitters about wood
      3. Sauk from White Chuck plan B
      4. Suiattle take out down to Skagit is plan C.
    4. White Salmon status
      1. Should be all set, some people coming up Sunday from Oregon to do the lower section from the old lake down (be ready to portage Steel Head falls if need to, will talk to outfitters).
      2. Nothing planned (no potluck or prizes), Randy and Nancy are trip leaders
    5. Poker Run status
      1. Camping are all set, have poker stations covered but could use some backups. Jason going to print the cards.
      2. Still working on prizes, plan on building fire pan and table, but no big ticket items yet. Costco has coupon for waterproof speaker and camera starting 6/11
    6. Tieton Rally status
      1. Possible deal with Riverbooty for photos of all WRRR members, David will find out more details. Idea would be WRRR to pay flat fee for all WRRR member photos. Should also consider doing a special WRRR season long pass for $100 or some flat fee
      2. Still considering food options, maybe desert and/or breakfast potluck.
      3. Bring lots of propane fire pits as fire will likely be banned
  6. New Business
    1. Finance report
      1. Brennan still has about $1100 in reimbursements, plenty of money (about $6)
    2. Idea – Caricaturist at large event
      1. Too expensive – $200 and hour
    3. 2016 Board positions
      1. President – Rebecca
      2. VP Business – Jason ineligible
      3. VP Finance – David
      4. VP River Ops – Brenan
      5. Directors – Mary (ineligible), Adam (1 more year), Nancy (2 more years), Jared (2 more years), Matt (2 more years)
  7. Waterlog articles needed by 6/20
    1. Poker Run full article
    2. Tieton teaser
    3. Wenatchee story (David will talk to Adam)
    4. Is it too late for the Sauk overnighter? Article didn’t make last log, but if we can get it out by the 25th it would be worth it.
  8. Announcements and good of the order
    1. Going to the raft games with no raft. R4 race Friday night and z drag competition Saturday, but not much else planned.
  9. Adjourn @ 7:53