May 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order (7:03PM)
  2. Officers: David, Brenan, Rebecca, Jason
  3. Directors: Matt, Adam, Chris, Jared
  4. Members: Mike Sauve, Joe Koncikowski
  5. Review minutes and approve
  6. Review agenda
  7. Officer’s reports
  8. Chairperson/President – David Elliott
    1. Membership 145 (last month 135)
  9. VP River Ops – Brenan Filippini
  10. VP Business – Jason Cohen
  11. VP Finance – Rebecca Post
    1. Bank account: $7632.82, ~$260 in PayPal
    2. $1500 still outstanding for safety class, but will be reimbursed.
  12. Standing Committee Reports
  13. Waterlog – Brian Vogt
  14. River Watch – Chris Herman
    1. Cedar River meeting Monday 5/18
    2. Meeting on the 5/18 after Sauk run to interview with ranger
    3. Cable drop volunteer finished
  15. Safety and Education – Rebecca Post
  16. Communications – Adam Schierenbeck
  17. Membership – Mary Koncikowski
  18. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty
  19. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post
  20. Old Business
    1. Flip practice roundup
      1. Good attendance with some new members
    2. Green River Cleanup roundup
      1. 87 people total, going through to double check but that seems about right. I have the sheets, was going to scan them and upload the file to (won’t be viewable by public, but will have sheets and notes of this years event)
        1. 27 ONline
        2. 17 KP
        3. Headworks 19
        4. Flaming/BBQ 20
        5. Shangri-La 4
        6. Total 87 signed in.
      2. Mary estimates about 65-75 through the BBQ (The gorge boaters didn’t go they got off the river at 445-500 Shangri-La and thought the bbq was over t 430….)
      3. Trash, not sure of final tonneage? THey removed the truck for Sunday, we dumped some TV’s that a KP park Neighbor retrieved from the trail with his tractor on Sunday plus other BS. I’m guessing the Sunday load was about 400-500 pounds. (he met me thought I was dumping tires….haha) This guy said he would label and help lead ground crews next year. We hauled out about 400 pounds of recyclable that I dumped today, plus about 200 pounds of trash from Shangri-La.
      4. Boats:
        1. Friday 4 boaters in the Gorge
        2. Saturday WRRR had approx. 34 boats (29 that I personally counted, plus 5 DAvid helped me count I did not see ( on Headworks -11), Gorge and Shangri-La to FG). PTCC had a good turnout (5-7 Headworks and a few in the upper and / or lower gorge)
      5. Cohen Clan had the largest family turnout 🙂
      6. Largest Items was a tie between Brenan’s 2 backhoe tires and Rebecca and Steve’s Car section winched out of the headworks put in…. I found a crapton of stuff at the KP fishing access across the river for years to come…
      7. Volunteer hours not sure how this is calculated
        1. 3 x 6 18 Ryan, Miguel, Koker making signs 30th annual kiosk
        2. 87 x 5? 435 Saturday May 2nd. (WTA counts some travel time but I don
        3. 70 x 3 (210) Less people that really only picked up their own beer cans
        4. 17 x 2 34 Leaders and people that spend 2 extra hours prepping and setting up
        5. 5 x 10 50 Brenan, Jay, Pat, Mary, Kim Trip and group leaders that spend additional time printing/making maps, bbq food gathering, signage, cleanup, etc
        6. 10 x 2 20 The Sunday boating crew that loaded up trash to FG
        7. 5 x 2 10 Jason and Brenan loading TV
      8. Total volunteer guestimate 357 Public May 1-3, 2015
      9. Total volunteer guestimate 92 private April (Shangri-la preclean)
    3. Safety class status
      1. 16 people signed up, did lottery for last spot. 6 people on waitlist.
      2. Going to give a WRRR shirt to instructor
    4. Wenatchee Rendezvous status
      1. We need a camping decision ASAP – Going over this weekend to finalize details. Need to get it in the waterlog this month.
      2. Prizes are done, donations still okay
      3. Potluck is 7:00, but waiting on final details before confirming
    5. Sauk Overnighter status
      1. Probably move downstream to Skagit. Have $74 reservation at Bedal, should probably cancel.
      2. Do your own dinner, WRRR provide breakfast. Should have $100 for food.
      3. Can do online for group gear, David can get something setup for Brenan to use.
    6. White Salmon status
      1. Discouraging big boats, not clear what flows will be (right now about 800 but the normal is 2000)
    7. Poker Run status
      1. Nothing new, but we’ll probably have water
  21. New Business
    1. Tieton Rally discussion
      1. Order toilets in August. Maybe more gravel this year, we have the budget.
      2. Rim Rock is 97% full, so we should have water.
      3. Lots of confusion on BBQ/Pot Luck times. Try to stick to posted time. Maybe we should have a sign. David can work on that.
    2. Event reports for Waterlog
      1. Brian wants the board to do event roundup articles for the Waterlog. Suggest communications be in charge. Doesn’t have to write them, but must coordinate. Need to be proactive about getting photos, people don’t really send when asked. Brian prefers to get them on the WRRR drop box. David to make sure information is on the website.
    3. 2016 Board positions
      1. President – David ineligible, Rebecca may run
      2. VP Business (board meeting note taker) – Jason ineligible – Adam willing to help out
      3. VP Finance – if Rebecca runs for President, David will run for Finance
      4. VP River Ops – Brenan eligible for 1 more year
      5. Directors – Mary (ineligible), Adam (1 more year), Nancy (2 more years), Jared (2 more years), Matt (2 more years)
  22. Waterlog articles needed by 5/20
    1. Sauk Overnighter full article
    2. White Salmon full article
    3. Poker Run teaser
  23. Announcements and good of the order
    1. Moving WRRR board over to the forum?
      1. We said we were going to do it but we just haven’t done it.
    2. Section 4 of the agenda is the officer report, but we usually don’t have anything. Propose removing it. Just need the finance report. David proposed, motion passes unanimously.
    3. February board meeting next year, most of the potential board members won’t be there. Can move it or have without. Can discuss in the future.
  24. Adjourn @ 7:58