May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order @ 7:05 David, Brennan, Jared, Rebecca, Nancy, Matt, Adam, Jason, Joe
  2. Reviewed and approved minutes
  3. Reviewed agenda
  4. 146 members (140 members last month)
  5. Standing Committee Reports
    1. River Watch – Rebecca is going to a meeting in Olympia on May 23rd with the Lewis County PUD to discuss Cispus River access (gate opening & maintenance, road closures, logjam on lake). Rebecca is also going to a meeting in Eatonville on May 17th to talk about rafters’ needs in a small community — Eatonville wants to know how to attract tourism from the boating community. Brennan took WA State Parks Commissioner down the Green and they were happy. They asked what we need from State Parks to continue successful cleanups (e.g. should we ask for extended bathroom hours, anything else?)
    2. Safety and Education – Jared Cook: Sent email to Wet Planet asking to move the class to June 19th, BUT we need at least 8 people signed up. So, will send one final email asking about interest on that date instead.
    3. Communications – David Elliott: Has been working on software for sending out auto-notices, and will be able to get rid of Access database and start using the new software.
    4. Membership – Joe Koncikowski: Four new members. Joe started designing the postcard to send to past members, and will finish it soon.
    5. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty: Flip Practice had good attendance.
    6. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post: Rebecca is going to place an order, including hats and hoodies. Tie-die cotton T-shirts seems to be our most popular.
  6. Old Business
    1. Safety class status: See Safety & Education above
    2. Waterlog schedule change for 2017 is set in motion. Editions will be released at beginning of each month, will have a late December/early January issue.
    3. We have 500 stickers. Approved motion to give every member gets 2 free stickers (need to pick up at a club event). Will sell for $0.50 a piece thereafter (they cost $0.49 a piece).
    4.  Flip Practice roundup: Went well.
    5. Green River Cleanup roundup: Lower than normal turnout (approx. 70 people), due to low flows. Picked up 1,200 pounds of trash. 21 people registered electronically, and there were 26 physical signatures — it is likely that some folks did not sign up. The BBQ went well, but there was a lot of food left due to low turnout.
    6. Wenatchee Rendezvous status: Brennan could use the help of coordinators to help folks get settled into camp, help structure the trips (trip leaders), organize the potluck and prizes. Brennan will set up signs leading to camp, directions are in the Waterlog.
    7. Sauk Overnighter status: Flows should be good to run both the upper and middle Sauk; club will provide group breakfast.
    8. White Salmon status: Need some volunteer trip leaders; campground is reserved.
    9. Poker Run status: Jason will take charge of cards again this year; just need two more volunteers so far to run stations. Brennan will run BBQ at station #3; will have potluck, camping, prizes.
    10. Tieton Rally discussion: Will order toilets again (five). Rebecca will contact Mike regarding dumpsters.
    11. Membership letter: Went out to past members via email.
  7. New Business
    1. Review Waterlog ads and sponsorship program
      1. On The Water Supply – Adam will contact regarding the sponsorship we had approved last meeting.
      2. Northwest Rafting Company – Their link is on the website; members get 10% off.
  8. Waterlog articles needed by 5/20
    1. NOTE: Make sure Brian verifies receipt of articles
    2. VP River Ops – White Salmon full article and the Poker Run teaser
  9. Announcements and good of the order: Change liability release to cover guests that attend trips? Hire lawyer for consultation? Will discuss at next meeting.
  10. Adjourn @ 8:14