November 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

  • Call to order @ 7:04
    1. Present: David, Jason, Brenan, Rebecca, Adam, Nancy
  • Review minutes and approve, Rebecca motions to approves, Brenan 2nds, no one opposes.
  • Review agenda
  • Current member count: 137 (last month 139)
  • Standing Committee Reports
    1. Waterlog – Brian Vogt
    2. River Watch – Brenan Filippini
      1. Still talking about putting in restrooms at Bachmann on Sauk
      2. Trying to get key for Bedahl for winter access on Sauk
      3. Northfork Skykomish road is still closed
      4. Middle-middle, still could use some work on the put in (gravel around bridge). Takeout is good just needs some gravel and tree trimming. No key for gate but it has never been locked.
      5. Rebecca did trip on Nooksack with river council (13 people) and pushing for access. Fish and wildlife doesn’t want boats on certain stretch.
    3. Safety and Education – Rebecca Post
      1. Nothing to report. Rebecca still planning on doing Safety next year. Should start to think about fundraising, especially for things like AED. Maybe we can start with a simple first aid kit and make sure people know where it is and have it for the sweep boat. Adventure medical usually offers 50% discount up to $500, Adam and Rebecca can work with them (David will send info)
    4. Communications – Adam Schierenbeck
      1. Nothing to report. Would like to pass on communications next year. Will discuss in January.
    5. Membership – Mary Koncikowski
      1. Not present.
    6. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty
      1. Talked to folks out by the Tieton about recycle and they don’t have anything. Nancy has some pop up bins, will need lots though and very obvious signage. Will need to get volunteers to haul it out.
      2. Setup general membership meeting for Jan 21st at Overlake Roundtable. No specific program, but usually just go over extended trip permits. Maybe setup a computer so people can fill out permits (Rogue still phone/mail, not online).
    7. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post
      1. Brenan hasn’t heard back on super shirts, will check with the guy tomorrow. Will be “Pray for Rain” version.
  • Old Business
    1. Repair Clinic roundup
      1. We didn’t order enough pizza, but it was close. Everything went really well. Made about $380 off of Tom’s gear (have thank you card to mail to him next week after he moves).
    2. Sauktoberfest roundup
      1. Few kayakers and inner tubes from Bachmann Park to the Mill.
    3. Election status
      1. Eveyrone should vote, it is easy. will send out reminder to those that haven’t yet voted online.
  • New Business
    1. Finance report
      1. ~$6000 balance with a few outstanding things, but plenty of money. Got 4 renewals/new memberships in the mail which brings us into the 140 range.
    2. Form audit committee
      1. David, Rebecca, and Nancy sometime in late Novemeber / early December (work it out offline).
    3. Tilton Trek planning
      1. Note: Need help because most officers will be unavailable
      2. Let people know if you want a cabin, get it now. Also reserver camp sites. Info will go out in the Tilton Trek article which Brenan writes for the next waterlog. Adam can post some information. Nancy will ask Mark to bring his big tarps.
    4. January membership meeting plan
      1. Covered above
    5. Waterlog articles from board members
      1. Brian has a lack of content. Asking all board members to write some articles about anything (first swim, trips you want to do, products you like). David talking to Jay about history of club. Looking for board members from before 1992. Rebecca can write article about Nisqually. Brenan to find someone to write something about the Rogue trip.
  • Waterlog articles needed by 11/20
    1. Tilton Trek full article
    2. New Year
    3. Election results (available December 4) – holding off until we get the results
    4. January membership meeting announcement – David
  • Announcements and good of the order
    1. Did the leter go out to non-member about camping at WRRR events? It was signed, but not sure if it went out (pretty sure Mary sent it).
    2. Lets add river ops to standing committee reports
      1. Poker run – upper group camp Jason stays at is closed and they refunded the money. Could reserve something in New Halem but pretty sure that camp burned up as well. Can’t reserve Goodell Creek sites, so it will be a little tight next year.
      2. Still trying to get camp reserved for rendevous, but still listed as closed until further notice. Can always pull off what we did last year a couple weeks before.
    3. Should we send AW money? Nancy proposes sending $100, David 2nds. No one opposed.
  • Adjourn @ 7:41