August 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order  7:09  (Rebecca, David, Brenan, Shawn Cadigan, Jason Cohen, Nancy)
  2. Review minutes and approve
  3. Review agenda
  4. 146 members (131 members last month)
  5. Standing Committee Reports
    1. River Watch – Scott Kristiansen.   Brenan is going to rake and cleanup potholes and trash at the Sauk Mill takeout.    Adding Cispus trip to calendar.
    2. Safety and Education – David Elliott     -Nothing to report
    3. Communications – Shawn Cadigan       -Nothing to report
    4. Membership – David Elliott    -David will bring 2 copies of the Membership list report for Poker run ticket sales.
    5. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty    – Discuss gear swap below
    6. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post     -Will bring to the skagit, shirts, stickers and some prizes.
  6. Events
    1. White Salmon Retreat roundup (2017-07-15)    Event was great!   1 raft flipped at rattle snake.    1 kayaker that had no helmet and swam several times – monitor.   Fire was no issue, camping was great!
    2. Poker Run status (2017-08-10)  Shuttle from put in at 830am.   Stations launch 9am-9:15.  Station 4 and 5 can launch a little later.    Prizes are acquired.    Fire Ban.   7pm Potluck!!!    Parking usually a mess.   General Membership meeting.   Rebecca will prepare an agenda.    David grabbing prizes from river booty.   Rebecca has some prizes.   Brenan has remainder of prizes.   Brenan to post on forum and facebook about not saving camps, fire ban, dogs on leasch, food in boxes, etc.  Remember we are in the national park – more rules……
    3. Tieton Rally status (2017-09-16)   River ops will order toilets for Labor day through end of sept
    4. Rogue status (2017-09-27)    Cut off date for sign up is labor day weekend.    Any late arrivals will need to get a cancellation permit.    Spreadsheet is posted on forum.   People have started signing up.   Make sure to add name to manifest, shuttle and gear list.   Tabs are at the bottom of the sheet.
    5. Gear Swap planning (2017-10-14)     Rebecca talked to Mark B about maybe using his barn.  Nancy and Rebecca will double check with Mark.
    6. Sauktoberfest planning (2017-10-21)   Camping at Brenan and Kim’s!     Info goes out on forum a couple weeks prior, final plans figured out Thursday before.
    7. Misc River Ops – Nothing to report!
  7. Old Business
    1. Charter renewal handled
  8. New Business
    1. 2018 Event dates.   David mentioned that a couple of the events do not follow the rules of events, but the rules of events also allow for changes up to the board.   All agreed on the dates, Nancy will send Brenan final confirmation on the white salmon at either the 14th or the 21st.   Brenan will fill in the IK/rower’s progression dates on the forum
      1. Jan 1:  New Years Float Cedar River
      2. Jan 10th:   1st board meeting of the year.   Club buys pizza for all members!
      3. Jan 18th:  General membership meeting at round table in Overlake Redmond (Location subject to change)
      4. Feb 18: Tilton Trek
      5. March 17th:      Cispus     **NEW**
      6. April 14th:    Sole Duc.   2+   **NEW will be a IK/small boat progression too**
      7. Apr 22: Flip practice Vasa Park (Easter is April 1)
      8. May 5: Green River Cleanup
      9. May 19: Clackamas
      10. Jun 2: Wenatchee Rendevous
      11. Jun 16: Sauk Overnighter
      12. Jul 21: White Salmon.   Nancy confirmed
      13. Aug 11th: Poker Run
      14. Sep 15th: Tieton
      15. Sep 26th and 27th: Rogue *** overnight permit trip*** Discussion at Jan 18th meeting
      16. Oct 13th: Gear Swap
      17. Oct 20th: Sauktoberfest
    2. 2018 Trip Calendar
      1. Bring back the old tradition of board members leading at least one trip.    Discussion, lots of trips were discussed and a few added to the calendar.
      2. Cispus trip with an eye towards making it an annual event
      3. Encourage members to list trips again.   Brenan noted that there are a lot of trips in fact several per weekend when rivers are flowing.   Rebecca added that times are changing and a lot of people wait for the Thursday prior.    David mentioned adding more trips to the calendar.    This is easy for people – they email David or Brenan and we can add to the calendar.   Brenan noted that the forum works well with a link to Facebook.
    3. Appoint Nominating Committee
      1. Provide list of eligible candidates.      The report for eligible candidates is viewable from WRRR when logged into word-press.     Brenan will be on the nominating committee.   Can the board spring for 1 night of lodging next year somewhere as an incentive to new board members?
  9. Waterlog articles needed by 8/20
    1. NOTE: Make sure Brian verifies receipt of articles
    2. Programs – Gear Swap and Repair Clinic article.   Nancy will get info to David, David will update the article.
  10. Announcements and good of the order.   Prize donation of 155 qt Yeti Cooler from a wonderful member!    Thankyou!!!
  11. Adjourn    8:00pm