February 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order @ 7:07 p.m.
    1. Present Officers: David, Rebecca, Brenan, Adam
    2. Present Directors: Jared, Mary (for Joe), Jason, Nancy
  2. Reviewed & approved January meeting minutes
  3. 141 members (143 members last month)
  4. Standing Committee Reports
    1. River Watch – Brennan Filippini
      • DNR is seeking input on Nooksack River; club should send letter about the NF takeout
      • Rebecca ran the lower Nisqually (put in @ Yelm hydroplant) together with the Nisqually River Council & Thomas O’Keefe. Very scenic run (spotted 48 eagles) and excellent educational opportunity.
      • Bill: A bill has been introduced that would require DOT to consider river access when doing bridge projects. (Senate Bill 6363, House Bill 2660)
    2. Safety and Education – Jared Cook
      • Sent email to Wet Planet regarding River Rescue Certification course
    3. Communications – David Elliott
      • Plans are in place to make some updates to the website layout.
    4. Membership – Mary (for Joe Koncikowski)
      • Will work with David to send letters to past members, promote membership
    5. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty
      • January Membership Meeting went well
    6. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post
      • We have new WRRR Wear polyester T-shirts in bright neon orange, yellow, or pink
  5. Old Business
    1. Budget (will be up on website soon)
      • $6,759 in bank; $125 in cash; $155 in bills; $115 from new memberships
      • Proposing budget changes: Add membership meeting appetizers; change Tilton to just $50 for wood; increase Safety & Education to $2,400; increase a few river trip budgets (based on needs); decrease rosters to $10 — All Approved
      • Proposed budget of $400 for stickers — Not Approved — will do more research on options and will discuss at next Board meeting
    2. January General Membership meeting roundup
      • It was great. The food was good but went fast, club will buy more next time.
    3. Tilton Trek status:
      • Details are in the Waterlog. Budget is $50 for wood.
    4. Green River Cleanup status
      • Camps are reserved, Mary will help with the BBQ with volunteers, planning a potluck for ‘whenever you wake up’ Sunday morning
      • still need volunteers to help with BBQ, registration, etc. etc. ,the more volunteers the shorter the volunteer time per person
      • Weekly Green River Cleanup meetings begin soon with Corps of Engineers, they are twice a month. If interested in participating, contact Brenan Filippini.
    5. Safety class status
      • Waiting to hear back from Wet Planet (see recent Yahoo email from Jared on the subject)
  6. New Business
    1. Flip practice planning: Nancy will check with Jim to make sure Lake Sammamish Park is reserved
    2. Wenatchee Rendezvous planning
      • We are going to camp the same place as last year. Let Brenan know if you’re going Thursday, since signs won’t be up yet and hard to find.
      • We need to solicit donations/prizes. Adam will draft letters to send to companies; David said Werner is worth contacting and we should also contact Mark Proctor/new raft store in town
  7. Waterlog articles needed by 2/20
    1. Green River Cleanup teaser is ready
    2. Board members need to be updated, David will contact Brian
  8. Announcements and good of the order
  9. Adjourn @ 8ish p.m.