January 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

  • Call to order 7:01 PM @ Round table Pizza Kent  1-10-18
  • Review and approve November board meeting minutes.  (Mark is impressed*)
  • Review agenda
  • New Board
    1. We start the year with 138 members
    2. Introduce officers – Rebecca, David, Brenan, Jared
    3. Elect Chairperson – Rebecca
    4. Officers last year not on board are Mark McGraw and Scott Kristianson.   New to the board this year is Karie Burns and Steve Plut! Yah!!!    This will close out the election of 2017.
    5. Go over officer duties.   Discuss 2017 election, discuss 2 new board members.   100% consensus for new board members from both board members and general members present.
    6. We hope to recruit new board members and avoid lacking club support that we had last election cycle
  • Select Committee Chairs and go over duties
    1. River Watch – Punt to Rebecca temporarily.   Brenan can help as needed
    2. Safety and Education – Rebecca.   Rebecca has set up a class which will cost each $125.00 per member with a limit of 12 members.  Nice work!!!  It’s a River Rescue Certification.   The club will subsidize the class approx $1200.00.
    3. Communications – David
    4. Pickup mail and Reservations (was Programs/Volunteers )- Nancy
    5. WRRR Wear – Rebecca
    6. **Added:   Membership – Missing from agenda, I don’t recall what we discussed.
  • Old Business
    1. Discuss January membership meeting Topics
      1. Introduce new board to general membership
      2. Permit info and misc river trips.   Brenan will print out permit info.  (Update Brenan was out of town and emailed Rebecca the permit and river info we usually discuss)
      3. Nancy / Jim confirm the Big E’s for membership meeting next thurs at 7pm
      4. Wrrr will provide appetizers to members, Jim will order the food
    2. Audit committee report:   Met and did the Audit all is good.
  • New Business
    1. Hollenbeck Park reservation – Need to reschedule to weekend of July 14 is approved.   Brenan reached out to Zoe and the 14th is confirmed.   (Prior approved date the campground was sold out due to a Hollenbeck reunion that occurs approx every 5 years.   Note the date changes so nothing we can do but be flexible.)
    2. Need people to touch base with Shangri-La – Not happening, will remove in future agendas
    3. Brenan informs that Green River Cleanup Committee is sending out info January and reaching out to other clubs.  Dump Voucher has been applied for.    Kanasket Palmer group camp has been reserved.   Discover passes waived for cleanup volunteers.    Green clean is right around the corner and we need volunteers.
  • Waterlog articles needed by 1/20
    1. NOTE: Make sure Brian verifies receipt of articles.   Noted, Brenan mentioned Facebook messenger is how he prefers board articles
    2. VP River Ops – Green River Cleanup teaser.  Complete
    3. President – President’s welcome message.  Rebecca will complete
    4. Lyss will Interview Paul Sestak and Mark Burns and create an article!   Cool!!!  haha (It’s in the minutes and recorded no going back now!)
    5. Rebecca to look up wrong dates in the Waterlog that Joe brought up last week.
    6. Brenan to do rower’s progression article and Facebook feed update.  All info via Wrrr.org forums
  • Announcements and good of the order
    • Randy Rogers would like to do a John day trip Mid-Late May 2018
    • Misc Green River Cleanup discussion
    • Mary will check on a CPR class.  Some discussion about getting a class to on satellite communication devices .  (such as SPOT, Delhorme Inreach, etc)
  • Adjourn  7:33 pm