March 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

March 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order at 7:03 –  We have a quorum, all board members are present!  (Rebecca, David, Jared, Shawn, Mark, Nancy, Joe, Scott and Brenan)
  2. Review Feb minutes and approve.   Minutes Approved
  3. Review agenda, OK
  4. 156 members (157 members last month)
  5. Standing Committee Reports
    1. River Watch – Scott Kristiansen.   Scott, reported no new items, and getting last years info and summary of what’s going on.
    2. Safety and Education – David Elliott.  Last week drawing happened for safety class.   By next wed if people don’t sign up the slots get passed along to the waiting list.  People are paying and confirming.    David talked about fundraising to keep lower priced safety classes.   David proposed 50/50 raffle for upcoming safety classes in years to come.  David will work on this.
    3. Communications – Shawn Cadigan.   Banners quote from Shawn for river ops – looks good will discuss below.   Info on forums.
      1. Forums, everyone is logged in.  Some people don’t get emails.   After the meeting
    4. Membership – David Elliott.   See above nothing new
    5. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty.   Nancy got Jim’s number and will touch base with him for Flip practice to make sure everything is good.    Nancy got some samples of wrrr wear and bandanas and they are fabulous!!!   Rest is ordered, they showed up and sent a sample.  Sample is approved.   T shirts are here.  Nancy let everyone know that special ordered their T shirts are here!
    6. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post.   See above.  Nancy and Rebecca will meet up and make sure everything gets distributed.   Bottle bands are silicone and go over Nalgene, K-pump, Hydroflask.   Minimum order is 200 that seems like a lot.  Rebecca will look around locally for smaller orders that we could possibly get re-branded.   They are supposed to send over a quote, Rebecca is guessing $4 per band but not sure.   $800 seemed too high for bottle bands.   Rebecca will report back next month.
  6. Events
    1. Tilton Trek roundup (2017-02-18)   Excellent turnout!!   28 craft and 35 plus people +/- on class 2+ gorge.  Great flows for the upper!    Folks ran the gorge (class 4), and there was still blocking wood that needed to be portaged or lined under.   Use caution
    2. Flip Practice status (2017-04-23)   No news, Nancy will let us know if any issues.
    3. Green River Cleanup status (2017-05-06)  Jared:   FG is reserved picnic shelter #3, discover passes waived, KP camping is done, dump voucher turned in waiting for that to be approved.
    4. Wenatchee Rendezvous planning (2017-06-01)   General membership , prizes are getting worked out and started, toilets get ordered about 1 month before.   Camping same spot as last year.
    5. Misc River Ops  –
  7. Old Business
    1. Survey results are on the forums, overall good feedback
  8. New Business
    1. Tilton Crock Pot Challenge suggestion (Brian suggested, crock pot challenge, set up before boating and have food out at 6 or 7.  David said Brian is willing to spearhead the adventure )
    2. Predator Helmets Deal    ( Shawn secured discounted and last year’s inventory.     River ops ordered some as prizes.  Shawn will create a google spreadsheet with the info and David will email out the membership about the discount information.   Emails will go out to club members to keep info private.   WRRR members will have a chance to get super awesome helmets at a great price!
    3. OutdoorPlay discount 15%.   David is working on.   It may be limited and widely available but worth checking into.
    4. April board meeting location.   Claim Jumper in Tukwilla 7:00pm April 12th.  Nancy will make a reservation
    5. Cispus Trip info by Rebecca.   April 8/9th.   Washington Kayak club and  Peninsula dirtbag kayakers have an open gate to the Cispus.   WRRR and our crew will be joining them.    Rebecca will write an article for the FB, forum and waterlog .   A little late for waterlog, but it will get the word out.   Different access points for class 2/3 kayakers.   Run will be good for kayaks, rafts, cat boats. Meet times will be in the announcement.   Mark brought up potential camping, that seems like the plan.   The kayakers are hoping to secure picnic shelters, rafters will likely bring tarps and wings.
  9. Waterlog articles needed by 3/20
    1. NOTE: Make sure Brian verifies receipt of articles
    2. VP River Ops – Green River Cleanup full article – complete
    3. Programs – Flip Practice full article -David will send to Brian last years.  Nancy will let him know any changes before the 20th.
  10. Announcements and good of the order
    1. WRRR Banners:     2 new banners will be ordered by Shawn to replace old river ops ones.   This will replace old nasty WRRR banners.  Prior budget was increased to cover this in Feb.    Motion to order 2 new banners passed, Shawn will order the top 2 drafts posted to website.  Hoping to have by wenatchee in June.
    2. Promoter supreme.  Makes sure that membership forms are printed and on hand.   He will make sure to have a Staff and sequins!
  11. Adjourn   7:54pm