October 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

  • Call to order   7:17pm.    Brenan, David, Nancy, Joe K, Jim J,
  • Review minutes and approve.   All good
  • Review agenda
  • 138 members (142 members last month)
  • Standing Committee Reports
    1. River Watch – Scott Kristiansen
    2. Safety and Education – David Elliott.   CPR class that we got with Mike is cancelled.   He is moving to AK
    3. Communications – Shawn Cadigan
    4. Membership – David Elliott
    5. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty.    Thankyou Mail Man!
    6. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post
  • Events
    1. Tieton Rally roundup (2017-09-16)
      1. Talk to Forest Service about renting/reserving space
      2. Lots of discussion.   Tabled for when Rebecca is back.
      3. Seems like there was more rude people than usual all over the Tieton area this year.
    2. Rogue roundup (2017-09-27)
      1.  There was lots of fun to be had, Fish stick Pics coming online
      2.  Respect for sweep boats was amazing this trip!
      3.  Buttah!!!
      4.  Still no shots at Paradise…..
    3. Gear Swap status (2017-10-14)
      1. Glue.   Brenan will purchase and bring
      2. No CPR class
      3. Mark / Karie hosting with a  boil / Potluck at the end
      4. Nancy might be in Portland.   If so, David will order Pizza.   Some discussion of not doing pizza, but final decision to continue with Pizza as planned.
      5. Mark’s address has been posted, all details are complete and posted all over
    4. Sauktoberfest status (2017-10-21)
      1. On Auto Pilot.   Camping is available, hoping for flows.  Final river section to be determined Thursday before event.   Brenan will post final itinerary accross the interweb
    5. Misc River Ops
      1. N/A
  • Old Business
    1. We need more Waterlog articles and photos!
    2. Jim and Brenan will be working on a Rogue Article prob be slow and next issue though.
    3. WRRR Board Nomination committee:  Brenan reports we are still a few people short!!!   All present will check with others and report back any leads.
  • New Business
    1. Appoint Elections Committee.    Suggested Adam.  David will contact him.
  • Waterlog articles needed by 10/20
    1. NOTE: Make sure Brian verifies receipt of articles
    2. David will get Brian the news years article.   Waiting for address of Derek S to add to Article.  Nancy will get the address.   Status will be posted on board forum.
    3. Nancy will work on writing a Cispus article
  • Announcements and good of the order
    • Board members need to carry membership pamphlets for new and renewing members.
    • Rower’s progression dates have been set.  See WRRR.org forum
  • Adjourn  8:04pm