September 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order   approx 7:09pm    (Nancy, David, Rebecca, Brenan, Shawn, Jared, Joe K, Jim J )
  2. Review minutes and approved
  3. Review agenda
  4. 142members (146 members last month)
  5. Standing Committee Reports
    1. River Watch – Scott Kristiansen  – Not present
    2. Safety and Education – David Elliott  -Nothing new
    3. Communications – Shawn Cadigan
    4. Membership – David Elliott  (From Nancy and mailbox she got:  2 renewals and 1 new membership)
    5. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty  (Good job Meeting Maker!)
    6. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post
  6. Events
    1. Poker Run roundup (2017-08-10)     Wow, great event!  342 poker hands sold, 34 pounds of meet cooked at BBQ, $985 of prizes bought, $750 donated, $125 cash prizes, river flow 4100-4500cfs, record number of boats!     Cold in the AM, then the sun in the afternoon.   Poker station launches early is critical.   Dinner time is perfect!!!    Make a note to add BBQ to budget for 2018 poker run.  Good job to all participants!!!!
    2. Tieton Rally status (2017-09-16)  Brenan will bring TP.    Seems to have a few people getting lost.   Ranger asked about 2 weeks (14 day maximum for toilets)   Brenan left a message after hours, didn’t  hear back.   Alpine isn’t there which put extra stress on the toilets that are there.   There were some incidents and almost a confrontation.
    3. Rogue status (2017-09-27)   1st permit filled for 27th, 2nd permit filled for the 28th.   Scout Argo “Riffle”  !!!!
    4. Gear Swap status (2017-10-14)   Nancy confirmed This will be at the Burn’s residence this year.    David added info to Facebook,, the calender.  11-4 with potluck at the end.   Glue will be picked up by
    5. Sauktoberfest status (2017-10-21)
    6. Misc River Ops (River ops is on vacation!  All finished for 2017!)
  7. Old Business
    1. Nominating committee status (ballot due by October 1)    Brenan is on the nominating committee.   Will submit preliminary ballot to wrrr board forum on Oct 1. Final approval by board at the Oct board meeting.   Pending nominees are posted on the wrrrboard forum.  Please post anyone you talk to that is interested there and Brenan will follow up with them.
  8. New Business
    1. Determine location of October board meeting.   We expect a post card from PERU!!!
    2. Brenan created a FB messenger account to remind folks of board meetings.
  9. Waterlog articles needed by 9/20
    1. NOTE: Make sure Brian verifies receipt of articles
    2. David submitted gear swap issue for Sept.   Nancy will work on Cispus article soon!
  10. Announcements and good of the order.
    1.  Board is contemplating a board retreat, discussing possible options.  Will discuss at the Nov board meeting
  11. Adjourn   8:00pm