September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order @ 7:00
    1. David, Brenan, Mary, Rebeca, Nancy, Adam, Jared
  2. Review minutes and approve
    1. approved
  3. Review agenda
  4. Current member count: 136 (last month 144)
  5. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Waterlog – Brian Vogt – not present
    2. River Watch – Chris Herman
      1. Nothing really going on
    3. Safety and Education – Rebecca Post
      1. Wilderness First Aid clinic in Oregon
    4. Communications – Adam Schierenbeck
      1. Will put up FB event for gear swap
      2. David added River Booty banner to web site
      3. Posted article on guy kayaking blind on Grand Canyon
    5. Membership – Mary Koncikowski
      1. 1 renewal at the Tieton last weekend and donation for using toilet
    6. Programs/Volunteers – Nancy Douty
      1. October live meeting (10/14) need to setup, Jason requests something more north – Nancy will reserve Overlake Roundtable
    7. WRRR Wear – Rebecca Post
      1. Brenan has the stuff and will bring it this weekend. Brenan has Hydro flasks (only prizes left and a few people order)
      2. Brenan still needs to get reimbursed, as well as Jason. Rebeca will bring check book to Tieton.
  6. Old Business
    1. Status of letter to problem person
      1. Brenan and Mary discussed, it is ready to go and he will sign it this weekend and in the mail Monday. Member said in FB message to David she didn’t want to be a member anyway.
    2. Tieton Rally status
      1. This weekend, going to follow what is in the newsletter. Small potluck Sunday morning. Then river ops goes on vacation.
      2. Nancy said lunch was crowded last weekend and no place to stop. Level should be up this weekend and the eddies get bigger and shouldn’t be a problem. Above waffle wall on river right has a spot too as well.
    3. Repair Clinic status
      1. Everything good, will figure out pizza the day of.
    4. Sauktoberfest status
      1. 10/17 – figure out what to do if there is no water – David suggest tarp and saranwrap at Brenan’s. Will create event for that too, but having trouble inviting everyone in the WRRR group (only friends of person creating event).
  7. New Business
    1. Finance report
      1. Nothing to talk about (about 9k in the bank, but some of that already spent)
    2. Elect election committee
      1. David nominates Brian Vogt (he has done it the last few years) with Chris Herman to assist. Brenan 2nds nomination (Brian accepted later by email)
      2. 2016 Board positions – finalize ballet
        1. President – Rebecca
        2. VP Business – Adam
        3. VP Finance – David
        4. VP River Ops – Brenan
        5. Directors – Nancy, Matt, Joe K, Jared, Jason
    3. Noise complaints at the Tieton
      1. This is not a WRRR issue (problem people were not WRRR members, nothing we can do) – there is plenty of space to spread out.
      2. WRRR needs to avoid being a complaining neighbor
      3. Alpine’s party is canceled this year and they were saying it was because of complaints from WRRR. David to clarify with them that it may have been WRRR members complaining (Adam will CC David on email), but it wasn’t WRRR.
      4. Official stance is that if you want it quiet, there is paid camping nearby – we don’t want to regulate noise.
      5. If anyone complains about spots, there is no reserved spots even if you have been using the same spot every year. Last year there were complaints about where the port-a-poties were dropped and Brenan talked to them (complainer and toilet company)
      6. Mike Curtis is getting a dumpster – are we going to take some responsibility for it money wise. Alpines are always overflowing, but maybe not this year. They didn’t ask for any money. Find out how much it is and vote on approving half (up to a max of $100) either at next meeting or at Tieton if we have enough people.
      7. Port-a-poties are usually out of TP. Make sure people bring some to leave. Next year we can mention for people to bring some.
      8. See if some people want to do the upper put in.
  8. Waterlog articles needed by 9/20
    1. Sauktoberfest article – Brenan has that just needs to add the bubble wrap slide option
    2. Halloween at Shangri-La is happening, but it isn’t a WRRR thing (Mark is taking it over). Everyone invited but there is a fee ($10) – he will be around this weekend to get details
  9. Announcements and good of the order
    1. Any general membership meeting coming up – yes at the repair clinic.
    2. Brian Vogt has new can of Savon glue, just ask to reimbursed him instead of buying new.
  10. Adjourn @ 7:47